Grace Tools: Tubing Cutters: Rotary Tubing Cutter, Heavy-duty Tubing Cutter, Plier-type Tubing Cutters, Ceramic Fused Silica Cutter, Plastic Tubing Cutter, Electric Tubing Cutter, Clean-cut Tubing Cutter.
Tubing Accessories: Flex-wrap Tubing.
Organizers: HPLC Columns and Accessories Organizers, HPLC Columns Organizers, Plastic Box with Removable Dividers, Lab Organizer with Adjustable Bins, Organizer Box
Tools: Magnifier, Capillary Tool Kit, 23-Piece Tool Kit in Zippered Case, Adjustable Wrench, Open-End Wrench, Handy-Lok Fitting Wrench, 9-Way Wrench, Miniature Files, Fine Cut, Miniature Reamers, Flame Checker.

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